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Submissions are currently CLOSED until 1st Feb, 2018.

Submit your best short stories, poetry, scripts and aesthetic essays. We seek originality, sensuality and detest didacticism. 10,000 word limit, extracts from longer pieces also considered. A maximum of one short story, script or essay per person. Or a maximum of three poems per person. Please attach your piece as a Word document. Also, be sure to let us know the piece you enjoyed most from the latest issue—this will be favourably looked upon.

We are also on the hunt for your lost and found words. These are snippets of writing that defy typical genre or rarely feature in literary journals: a poetic to-do list, a century-old love letter, a sheet of music. If you believe that others would delight in these discovered words then send us a high resolution copy. A maximum of one submission per person, not including other submissions.

Lastly, we want to frame our words with lush, visceral artwork and are seeking a Feature Artist for each issue. Please see our artwork submissions page for more details.

We believe in paying our contributors. We also believe that our contributors should be our primary readers, therefore an annual subscription to Gargouille will be included as part of non-subscribers’ contributor payments. As a self-funded, boutique literary journal this is vital in helping to build a loyal readership. Contributor fees are determined by subscriber status, piece size and editing time. We have previously paid $20 – $50 for poetry and $50 – $200 for prose. Due to the nature of lost and found words, we do not typically pay for publication of these pieces. Non-subscribers are still encouraged to submit.

Submissions are only accepted via email at

Please read the below terms and conditions before applying.


Gargouille will only publish previously un-published work, both in print and digital form. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, however, please inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Due to copyright sensitivities all submissions must include source material for work other than the contributor’s. Submissions without this information will not be considered for Gargouille.

Gargouillle acquires first rights for all work published. Reprint rights revert to the author after publication; however, please include a first publication acknowledgment to Gargouille in subsequent publications.

Contributors take full responsibility for their work. This includes plagiarised material and defamatory content.


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